Correlated Randomly Growing Graphs [video] [poster] [ppt]

  • Bernoulli-IMS One World Symposium, August 2020
  • MIT Institute for Foundations of Data Science (MIFODS) Workshop: Learning under Complex Structure, January 2020


  • Correlated Randomly Growing Graphs, April 2020.
    Miklós Rácz, Anirudh Sridhar.
    [arXiv version]

  • Bayes-Optimal Methods for Finding the Source of a Cascade, Feb 2020.
    Anirudh Sridhar, H. Vincent Poor.
    [arXiv version]

Conference Papers

  • Sequential Estimation of Network Cascades, May 2020.
    Anirudh Sridhar, H. Vincent Poor.
    Accepted to Asilomar 2020.
    [arXiv version]

  • On Distributed Stochastic Gradient Algorithms for Global Optimization, May 2020.
    Brian Swenson, Anirudh Sridhar, H. Vincent Poor.
    ICASSP 2020, pages 8594-8598. [IEEE version] [arXiv version]

  • Client-CASH: Protecting Master Passwords Against Offline Attacks, May 2016.
    Jeremiah Blocki, Anirudh Sridhar.
    ASIACCS 2016, pages 165-176.
    [ACM version] [arXiv version]