Jun 30, 2024 New paper on finding super-spreaders in network cascades to be presented at COLT 2024. Joint work with Elchanan Mossel (MIT).
Mar 14, 2024 Speaking about quickly tracking network cascades at a session on Advances in Sequential Analysis and Change Point Detection at the CISS 2024 conference.
Nov 16, 2023 Paper on mean-field approximations for stochastic processes on networks published in the SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization (SICON). Joint work with Soummya Kar.
Oct 17, 2023 I will be giving a talk and chairing a session at the Informs 2023 conference on Community Detection in Networks.
Sep 19, 2023 New paper on the average-case and smoothed complexity of graph isomorphism. Joint work with Miki Rácz and Julia Gaudio.
Jun 25, 2023 Presented work on matching inhomogeneous random graphs and quickly tracking network cascades at ISIT 2023.
Jun 8, 2023 Paper on spreading processes with mutations on multi-layer networks published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). Joint work with Mansi Sood, Rashad Eletreby, Chai Wah Wu, Simon A. Levin, Osman Yagan and Vince Poor.